Welcome to Collaboration for Change

CCI Vision

Alberta’s health and social systems are brilliantly built by patients, communities and providers working together.

CCI Mission

The Collaboration for Change Initiative (CCI) is a community of practice that leverages and unlocks relationships and resources for bringing patients and people with lived experience together with the health and social care community.  CCI cultivates a growing community of experienced and aspiring people who want to demystify the art and science of engagement and true collaboration for the purpose of improving how care is delivered in Alberta.

CCI Values

  1. People are experts in their own care, and through their lived experiences, bring new evidence to decision making and design.
  2. Planners and providers in the health and social systems want to engage with patients and their communities to innovate, refine, disrupt, and redesign programs, services and structures.
  3. Community health and social care challenges and gaps are creating space for new ways of thinking and doing.
  4. The future of health and social care will require the adaptation and collaboration of public, private and not for profit organizations in response to the needs of the communities they serve.


Whether you are a clinic, Primary Care Network (PCN), or other health care organization, we want your team to participate in the Collaboration for Change (CCI) Learning Lab!

The CCI Learning Lab brings together dynamic teams – comprised of a patient leader, a change leader, a positional leader, and potentially a community partner) – who are actively working on advancing health and social care programs, projects and initiatives in their community or organization.

Explore, experiment and test practical applications of engagement processes. Learn new tools that will build an understanding of the philosophy and principles of empowering others through collaboration and engagement.

Build a network of like-minded, life-long learners and leverage their unique perspectives to create a culture of collaboration in Alberta’s health care and social care systems.