What is the Collaboration for Change Learning Lab?

The Collaboration for Change (CCI) Learning Lab is rooted in developing solutions by involving the human (patient/user) perspective, this learning opportunity will provide a space for community-driven teams to:

  • Co-design a project, space, clinic, pathway, or major initiative
  • Discover or rediscover relationships within their local environment
  • Strengthen or improve existing collaborative efforts among healthcare teams
  • Share challenges, processes, and lessons learned with others in-person and online.

Why should I join the CCI Learning Lab?

Evidence has demonstrated that engaging citizens to influence service delivery results in higher quality care outcomes often at a lower cost.

Health care funding is contingent on community engagement and our health system is looking for innovations to help improve health outcomes and resource efficiencies.

Patient and community engagement is foundational to much of the work that is expected of the health care system such as:

  • Building the patients’ medical home model and improving care in the community
  • Service planning
  • Clinical or system level strategy
  • Clinical and patient care standards
  • Clinical guidelines and patient pathway development

A CCI approach will embed meaningful engagement practices, will build and sustain a local engagement culture within various care settings.

What is the Commitment for Participants?

Each team commits to:

  • Attending 6 full-day, in-person workshops over the course of 6 months.
  • Applying each workshops key concepts by completing the homework assignments.
  • Testing new methods and learning from one another.

Who Should Join the CCI Learning Lab?

Small groups (3-4) of individuals committed to impacting healthcare within their community should join!

Build your Team with the following dynamics in mind:

  • Patient Leader: A new or existing patient who wants to help improve the healthcare system.
  • Change Leader: A staff member who has Change Management and/or Quality Improvement experience and whose day-to-day work focuses on improvement efforts.
  • Positional Leader: A leader who has budget and decision-making responsibilities and influence over program decisions.
  • Community Partner (optional): A representative with a partner organization that has a vested interest in and a commitment to support the outcomes of the project initiative.

How Do I Register?

We are currently looking for 7 to 10 teams to participate in our upcoming 2020 cycle of the Change Lab.