Stories of Impact

East Calgary Family Care Clinic

  • Oct 2016 – Leadership engagement with the East Calgary Family Care Clinic (ECFCC) began.
  • Vision, principles, and underlying assumptions have been explored through all-staff engagement forums.
  • Empathy mapping is helping understand what our patients see, do, feel and say as they interact with us.
  • An ‘All Ears’ listening campaign was conducted by clinic staff to hear directly from patients about their experience and needs with our clinic and the health system, and to truly understand the challenges they are facing.
  • A social skills group has recently been established and have started offering a venue for patients to have a social connection through the clinic.
  • A small cohort of dedicated clinic patients were recruited and prepared to engage with our team.
  • Patient Advisory Group is in place and is being consulted on challenging clinic operations questions.
  • Nov 2017 – An annual planning forum was held with the clinic team in partnership with their patient advisors to co-design and set priorities for the coming year (or five years).

When asked by their clinician what makes the biggest difference, a patient recently responded “This! … I have never been asked that question before.”

  “A lot of this has to do with re-calibrating and re-aligning teams and building culture internally. We can’t work with patients in a different way, until we can work with each other differently.”

– Jake Jennings, Program Manager, East Calgary Family Care Clinic

Sylvan Lake Clinic/Wolf Creek PCN

  • Sylvan Lake Health Centre approached CCI to explore a CCI approach for a co-design/patient engagement model around office redesign.

Calgary Foothills PCN

  • Calgary Foothills PCN is looking to explore how the CCI approach to patient and citizen engagement can be implemented in their PCN.
  • CCI has presented to the West Bow Older Adult with Complex Needs Collaborative to advance bringing the patient voice to the table.