How does CCI work?

The approaches to build the internal capacity in PCNs and primary care settings use tools such as empathy mapping, listening campaigns, facilitated methods to unearth assumptions and core beliefs in readying staff to engage with patients and community members in meaningful ways for the purposes of co-design.  Similar approaches are used with the patient population to orient and prepare for engagement. Approaches are flexible and customized based on the local needs and context.

The Foundational Supports the CCI Offers to Organizations Include:

  • Review of the current local context.
  • Facilitated discussion with local primary care leadership and teams to identify relationships required to address the specific issues identified.
  • Support for readying leaders, clinicians, teams, patients and citizens for engagement.
  • Facilitated planning and discussion between citizens and providers.
  • Learning reflections and the creation of spread and sustainability tools (i.e. a change package, mentorship models, ongoing training and peer support).