Where We Came From

The Collaboration for Change Initiative has grown and evolved with every event. Lessons have been learned and actions have been implemented. Below is a snapshot of where of where we came from to where we are headed.

Since 2015, the Collaboration for Change Initiative (CCI) has been building a community of practice that believes in the value of collaboration to create change in the health care system in Alberta.

With a primary interest in keeping highest quality care in the community and adapting services as populations and community needs change, the CCI group of members provide support and generate innovative approaches to spread and scale evidence based best practices for patient and community engagement.

1st Wave – Pilot and Initial Design

  • The coalition has been in existence since 2015 with the intent to develop and test new ways of engaging citizens to improve primary health care delivery and services.
  • East Calgary Family Care Clinic

2nd Wave – Spread and Scale

  • Sylvan Lake Clinic
  • Wolf Creek PCN
  • Calgary Foothills PCN

3rd Wave – Building Capacity for Spread and Scale

  • January 2020 the Collaboration for Change Learning Lab launches!